Thursday, April 23, 2009

Phoenix ashes

Take one box of fabrics and lace, specially reserved for a certain occasion and a stack of cheap dime store canvases rescued from a friend's bin...combine and rescue.

Some of them I've done traditionally, some of them I've stretched reverse, with the intention of painting on the back of the canvas, leaving the wood stretcher as a kind of frame. I've always admired the backs of paintings especially old one, and I just couldn't resist making a focus of the lovely dottiness of the blue-black tacks against the soft vintage sheeting. The dots on the inside is a vintage chiffon scarf I layered in with the cotton.

And so it was that with a great rip, fold, sew, hammer and stretch...6 canvases were born, ready for their robes of paint. Bedsheet so faded it's pattern is all but a secret, the lining of old cushion covers, hospital pillow slips...all well worn and washed 1000 times. I especially like the ones that have mending in them, which I shall show you at a later date, along with my sketches.

I thought the idea of having three shops was going to be a nightmare for me inventory wise, but I'm really loving it. I haven't updated any of the shops for a number of days now and I do apologise for that- I'll get some done tomorrow. I just haven't found the inclination for it. I've been enjoying making things like there's no tomorrow, but the mechanics of listing has recently left me cold.

altered book I'm working on

I've been taking lots of walks in the wilderness to clear my head and move past whatever hurdle it is in my mind that keeps me wanting to do anything else but make stuff. It's fantastic to have such artistic drive again, but I need to balance it with business things too. Otherwise no one except my housemates get to see my work!

This Phoenix needs to burn. Is it my Aries way to always want the new? I seem to say these kinds of things a lot- that I'm bored, I need new things, new ways, new everything. Maybe I'm just cursed to never be content. That's not such a bad thing though.


Heather said...

I can already see that you're creating some most beautiful treasures. This year I am starting to dabble in using textiles, I'm taking KC Willis' class when it starts...I love the romance of textiles.
I am easily made to feel like i need change or a new direction too...perhaps its just the desire to create beauty?

Jeannine said...

Oh, god, can I relate to what you said at the very end about always seeking out the new, never being content with what is right in front of you. I'm an Aries too and I'm always pushing myself to do more, be more, be bigger in a healthy and compassionate way. Keep up the amazing work! I truley love your art =)

RowanDeVoe said...

I am excited about all your new projects. You need time to get it all figured out and work on it which does mean long walks and working things out before you feel like you are ready to list anything so create and figure it out! Can't wait to see what you come up with!

nina said...

your work, all of it, really does take my breath away. how lovely it is to see it evolving, growing, unfurling.... like new wings.

Robyn said...

Your images are always so pleasing to the eye. I also love the back of canvases with the tacks around the edge. I would like to see what you do with these.

Judy said...

Saw your spread in Artful Blogging - looks great - congrats!

Moni said...

Hello, I love your work, congratulations!
I would like to use a picture thread and lace on my blog, gives me permission?
And it has been above the description No. 6, in pink
Thank you, kisses!