Thursday, April 16, 2009

Two Hands

On one hand I am feeling good- finally finished a commission piece today, also finished a project that I'm doing for someone else (not telling) and I've a few wrist cuffs nearly ready for the new shop.

On the other hand- Paypal decided to rule in favour of the buyer in a dispute I recently suffered with. I'm no bitter betty- I appreciate that the seller lost money and I don't begrudge them their dues. I even offered store credit to them instead of a refund.

What I do find offensive is that Paypal would only give me a win if I provided a photograph of the parcel, addressed to the confirmed address and stamped with the shipping companies confirmation stamp. Unfortunately here in Australia we use the Post Office to post things- they don't give you any more proof beyond a vague receipt unless you insure and track, and they don't stamp until they take your package to a big sorting warehouse. Tracking and insurance costs an extra amount that I don't like to charge everyone (but now I'm thinking I might). WHY on this EARTH would I have a photo of a parcel I sent out 2 weeks ago with Post Office processing stamps on it?!

It seems the seller never wins a dispute unless they use a US-style shipping contractor with all the receipts and sundries you can think of. I can't refuse to give a refund, so as a seller I'm robbed every time someone decides to request a refund- legit or not. Way to go, Paypal.

What I also find offensive is that Paypal told me I had 72 hours to respond to the next step (the photo of the shipping stamps). Less than 2 hours after they sent that email, they sent another to tell me the case was closed and they refunded the buyer. So I didn't even get my 72 hours of chance! What's more is that the website won't even let you appeal properly- the links are broken!! ARG.

I blog the shadows. :/


RowanDeVoe said...

OOH! Those cuffs are divine! Love!

And, gads, sorry about all the paypal crapola. I just got a "pow pow" from a lady whose package came back to me. She was uber ticked that I had to send it back out and it she had to get it later, but she didn't request insurance or next day shipping or any of that. She said she was so upset as she wanted the piece in time for a friend's birthday gift and that I should be as reliable as ordering something from any catalog-ok, that stuff gets lost all the time. I felt like crap and just resent the package and refunded her money. Then she gave me positive feedback. yay! It's not just you!

If it counts for anything, I LOVE your packages! You put so much time and love and creativity into making them such a treat to open. Stuff gets lost all the time. I live in a little house and I can't find anything let alone a wee package floating around this big world-Boo on everyone!
take care,
mean old lady merle

Anne, Bulles dorées said...

wow it's stunning !! really !! It's so romantic !!

Heather said...

I just stumbled onto your blog and I am in love! I love love love the fabrics and the muted colors. your shop is gorgeous!~

Jackie said...

Thats useful information thanks. I just send things out airmail and hope for the best. On two occasions when things got lost I just sent another, but that isn't always possible. I must start photographing parcels.

Blackfeatherfarm said...

Well the US sellers lose too, as I just did. Paypal took the money right out of my account without a word to me. I had a receipt with date, zip, state and town, and also said I could supply a statement from the postal clerk that the package was shipped,{I know them all by first name, and they all say hello whenever I come in}. I did everything the buyer asked, gave her combined shipping, shipped it cheaper for her, offered insur. which she refused, and I lost, so it isn't just you. I lost profit, merchandise and shipping cost, all on her word, when I had the proof. Pretty steamed at Paypal. I never got the chance to try to rectify it for the buyer, she just filed item not received dispute. I would have worked it out with her, but thats the way it goes. You are not alone.

Secret Leaves said...

Well, that sucks. I hope that doesn't happen to me--but it sounds like it could.