Monday, September 14, 2009

Atlantis has fallen

An experimentation for a necklace, following on from the sculpture piece I did for the upcoming Fringe Festival (which is at the curator's house now, and I neglected to take photos of it before it went). I originally intended to wrap the lace around the pendant like I do for my clear quartz pieces, but I sort of like how it sits out like wings here. We shall see.

Anyway- this is a variation on the theme I usually use of nature taking over abandoned houses- this one is the sea, the way it takes over shipwrecks. I figure this is what Atlantis looks like now. :D

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English Vintage said...

Hi, back in the frame had a few wobbly moments, as we do now and again, but want very much to get back into blogland, the work you create is still incredible, i love the honesty. you would have great fun at mine i live in salvage yard selling serious architectural goods to serious folk who are passionate about their homes and want real stuff not crap made for the masses..........thanks for the inspiration S x