Wednesday, September 30, 2009

True Love- an art story

Every now and then, not too commonly but thankfully not so rare either- two people fall in love. It's the heart they find, or the mind, or in this case... of the art.

Fancifuldevices has a shop that has made my heart thumpy-thump since the day I laid eyes on it. Almost weekly (sometimes daily), I would creep to the window sill and press my face against the glass, sighing over the complex and marvellous objects, torn as to which I should buy (first!).

I'm constantly amazed not only at the construction, but also the eclecticism of the objects she pairs together. A hidden pocket knife in a pendant, concealed with vintage flowers... pencil stubs as earrings, antique teeth as occult relics, spoon bowls as bezels, zips as cuffs...

much of the vintage assemblage jewellery market can be easily labelled as 'samey', some of it in the realm of shabby chic nostalgia, others leaning toward a junk-drawer-on-a-chain sensibility. Fanciful creates objects that are unlike any others- part assemblage piece, part sky-fallen magic, like the lost amulet of an ancient astronaut.

Everything in her shop is against 'the rules' of what an Etsy shop ought to be to do well (more about that next post). Her banner is cryptic and mysterious, her titles are secretive, her descriptions more about the stunning oddity of our universe than what the thing is made of. SEO is flung to the wind. She does not have any social networking presence- no walks in the forums, no Twitter, no Facebook- nothing...just makes things and lists them in her own amazing way. And does well!

Personally I think it's because her shop not only contains beautiful things, but also because the puzzling presentation creates a place that is more Wonderland than shop front. You feel as a traveller in a lost land, stumbling over hidden relics and forgotten treasures.


When it comes to shopping on Etsy, supplies are I can't keep out of my basket, but when I decide to purchase handmade objects I get really fussy, indecisive and generally faff about taking too long to decide, then cry when it sells to someone else.

In an effort to break this habit I marched over to Fanciful devices and purchased these remarkable earrings. Click click click, before I had a chance to change my mind for no good reason other than I'm commitment phobic.

Having done so, I felt such a buyer's afterglow that I had to write and tell her how excited I was to be getting a piece of her work in the mail. Never did I expect the reply I did- at best I hoped for a cheery thank you, at worst no reply. I'll save the details in the name of public decorum, but suffice to say she has been reading my blog for some time and was overwhelmed to think that I could think of her as such a massive inspiration, when in her mind it's me that's the amazing one!
We've since chatted up a storm, finding connections in ideas, opinions, loves (and hates!) and general wonderland-ness of doing what we do.

With the encouragement of yours truly she now has a fantastic blog, and is quickly getting the hang of it, I see!

Contacting her is definitely up there in my Top Ten Etsy moments- I strongly urge every single one of you to reach out and meet your heroes. Send a convo to all the artists you swoon over- they'll be just as chuffed as you are!

Here's a quick gallery of sold items- all the images above (except the dagger earrings- they're mine!) are at this time available. All images in this post are the property of Miss Fanciful and used with most gracious permission.

(This is one of the ones I cried over. I was too late! Oh foolish Sparrow! Such perfect candy stripes!)


Jo Archer said...

Penny, if we were side by side in a real shop, I think we'd be scrapping each other by now for these gorgeous treasures! (I'd probably let you win though. You do have the dagger earrings after all!) Thanks for sharing again.

layers said...

I love all these images-- love 'creative' arty jewelry.

ArtSnark said...

gorgeous selection - really outstanding pics

fanciful devices said...

I can't thank you enough for this lovely post. I'm moved and deeply honored. You are the best.

septembre said...

Amazing...thanks for sharing this

Jeannine said...

thanks for turning me on to a lovely etsy shop. hers is so very very inspiring!

nina said...

"Send a convo to all the artists you swoon over- they'll be just as chuffed as you are!" and i couldn't agree more! it is always lovely to reach out to a kindred spirit, and a lovely surprise when they take the time to respond.
what a beautiful post here, about a fellow artist's loves and talents...thank you for sharing.

Jenns Three Graces said...

What imaginative pieces of art - I love them! Wearable art - what a wonder! Check out Fonth on Etsy if you haven't seen her work. Jennifer