Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Gorgeousness in treasury form

I woke up to find myself featured in the MOST fantastical of treasuries today, by the lovely Ozma of Odds, who has a beautiful shop, go see!

This marvel of goods features my dustbowl maiden cuff:

It's been a good morning today. The sun is out now and the sky is leaden grey with the promise of more rain. I must learn to stop maligning spring as the doorman for summer, and simply appreciate her wild and changeable heart.

But now I must pack orders (for sales are picking up- hooray!) and get myself into gear finishing the clothes I showed you some time ago. And then later this afternoon, I will be transferring all of my Little Brown Sparrow listings to my Sparrow Salvage store, for 'total browsing convenience', or something. Really I just want one less shop to worry about. :D


Lynn said...

That is a really beautiful treasury, your cuff fits in very nicely. Congratulations.

Rosemary said...

Thank you so much for creating such beautiful, one of a kind, fiber art pieces. I so enjoyed putting this treasury together! There are many amazing artist' that we can all connect with.