Friday, April 30, 2010

The guards of Morcore

I'm starting to list the first new pieces in the shop- it's a bit exciting! The usual method of accompanying my work with a famous quote of fragment of poetry has been replaced with writing of my own original creation. I think this an excellent way of developing my hobby of writing science fantasy- dungeons and dragons, sword and sorcery. It's something I want to put more time into and something that for the past 2 years has been neglected due to Etsy. Most of the descriptions of my new work will be fronted with encyclopaedia like entires taken from my character notes.

The Guards of Morcore woods are known to be the most feared warriors in all of Pesgore. Though small in number, it is said that what they suffer in numbers they make up for in battle lust. Known to cut down 5 men at a time, the guard carry with them huge round shields of intricate design, which they use to shield their bodies and conceal broadswords of the strongest dwarf-forged iron. It is also said their strength comes from the tree folk they protect.

It's my hope that in a few months time I can look at a full shop of work like this, and visiting my Etsy will be akin to visiting a museum exhibition wherein lies the collected relics of another world, and a lost age.

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