Friday, April 23, 2010

supplies surprise

I've resolved to put more energy into my supply shop. This is largely because I'm freaking out about not having any money for England I need to get rid of some stuff and it feels good to purge.

What I came here to tell you though is something I've been meaning to do for a while now- I'm selling fabric packs! Only one in the shop so far, and this is by no means a good example, I just had the images on my computer and thought it might kick start me to make more if I listed this one. In the future I'll be listing packs that are just fabric scraps, and also packs that will make a complete wrist cuff like the one above with the addition of a tutorial on how to put them together!

I'm slightly invisible around here lately I know- I've been going through some changes this month- I'm slowly putting together a blog post about it as I gather my thoughts and decide on my path. But I do want you to know gentle reader that I think of you often and am trying to keep in touch as best I can while the storms ride high.

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