Thursday, April 1, 2010

Shop Updates

crimson beam

I'm settling in nicely to this Mori girl period- the Elizabethan ghost ideas are keeping the pieces from becoming too cutesy.

sunlight breaking

I want a delicate feeling but at the same time I also want to make something that's quite strong.

The relics of mankind

I'm trying something new with my photography as well, since the dark backgrounds I was using were starting to blend in with the jewellery.

I've been noticing Mori girl crop up in my thrift shop scores lately as well- most of this pile is stuff I scored a few days ago- from one thrift! It was the first time in ages that I found so much I could barely carry it.

Lastly, I was recently in this beautiful treasury by luxmarleyprod - she really is the queen of exquisite treasuries. It features my crowcall wrist cuff:

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