Sunday, August 8, 2010

Shop update

Three new creatures...

Bear clan - inspired by Clan of the Cave Bear

The Great Tyrant- inspired by Barbarella

Charm and Sorcery (inspired by fantasy earth magicians)

You might also notice the shop images changing a little- I've spent the last few days re-shooting all my stock, and already I am much more happier with the look. Things were starting to look a bit anaemic- there's an earthy darkness now that brings a cohesion and better suits my Victorian Tribal style.

I've been a bit quiet otherwise- feeling a bit under the weather due to various reasons, not all of them in my control but certainly all of them will be short-lived. I will conquer yet!


June said...

I LOVE your work! It´s so inspiring...
And your photographs always have the most beautiful light.
May I ask if you take your pics outdoors or indoors? :)


Sidereal Day said...

More great work! I like that you put what inspired them, I can see it.
I'm also curious how you get that fabulous light.
Feel better soon.

fanciful devices said...

I'm loving the darkness, as well as the mix of elements in each piece. and i've always loved the light in your pictures.