Friday, September 17, 2010

All aflutter

Man this week is driving me crazy! A custom order, two interviews for online sites, my new bridal range wandering around my head, holidays to think about (but not actually go on) and so many inspirational things I want to show you...

Getting back into photography is high on the list of things to do lately too. Re-opening the Little Brown Sparrow shop for (mostly) photography feels like breathing in a new world, but most of my images are too small to be offered as prints, so I'm working on taking new shots as well as putting together cards using smaller prints.

earrings in the afternoon sun

I've updated the shop, and still obsessed with earrings- smashing something with a hammer in remarkably therapeutic.

Bollywood - big and bold with large metal beads from the recent mybrokenart loot.

Fire seed - delicate loops for people who like shine without show.

Lanternlight - made with really sweet little charms picked from a vintage bracelet.

I'll save the inspirations and bridal stuff for another post- I've got amazing things to show you and I don't want them all crammed in the bottom of a busy-bee report. They deserve their own posts!


vintagesusie & wings said...

I'm a fledgeling jewelry designer & your work always knocks my socks off! Love the photograpy too, what an exciting new venture. Isn't it great how life just keeps giving us new ways to spread our wings & FLY!!!!

Sharon said...

Fire seed is very earthy and sensual. Elegant design and great photo!

fanciful devices said...

The earrings make me wanna run away and join the circus or become a palm-reader or wear long skirts and shake a tambourine ...