Saturday, September 11, 2010

Shop update and scores

Four more lovely pairs of earrings in the shop...

Prayers- made with mis-matched hoops from this rusty haul, bound in copper wire and tiny lustre coat glass flowers. The striped beads are sand-cast from Indonesian villagers.

Cobra kiss - made from the wide hoop earring seen centre in this image (from the above linked post) - I cut and shaped it with tin snips- the closest I've come to working with sheet metal and I loved it!! I can feel metal cuffs coming from these hands very soon...

Nomad - are made from thrifted Indian bangles- they're a real round the world trip with beads from Czechoslovakia, Tibet and Java. The gold glitter on the purple metal really gives a royal touch.

Kali- very sexy and dark with the most amazing red velvet premium Czech beads.


The bangles I used to make the Kali earrings are really thin- I scored more of them on Friday from a little thrift shop in the mountains. The woman working there was overjoyed I bought all of them, apparently they'd been there for weeks!

Just waiting for me. You can see there are a few sherbet coloured 80s ones in there, they'll be perfect for my upcoming bridal collection, as will these earrings:

Can't wait to get stuck into that, but I'm waiting for some special wire.

I scored some wonderful candlesticks too- they're antique, but they only cost me $1 because some bright spark has lopped the tops off them! Some people shouldn't be allowed near beautiful things. The huge beads resting on the candlesticks are called Rudraksha beads- they're from Tibet, used traditionally in Hindu rosaries. They came from a beautiful little shop near here, owned by an Aquarius age lady who used to sell authentic tribal objects, but now peddles bohemian clothing. Every now and then when I bury my head in the right corner and ask nicely, she sells me something that's been hiding in her shop for 20 something years. These Rudraksha are a lot bigger than any I've seen on Etsy- almost twice the size of the usual offered!


Ivy Long, Edera Jewelry said...

Ooh, you are on a roll, Penny! Everything looks great--I especially like the first pair of earrings. Can't wait to see your wedding collection--!

Dorthe said...

They are all so wonderfull, but love the Kali most--how long are they? and how heawy?--uuhh love the red Czech beads---
xo Dorthe

fanciful devices said...

[Dorthe- it's all on the listing in her etsy shop. d'oh!]

Earlier today:
Mom: "we havent gone to the indian neighborhood on devon in ages. would-"
me: ''YES! Bangles! yes! sparrowearringssopretty! Bangles!"
mom: (rolls eyes)
husband: "So, you're gonna COPY her?"
me: "um.... Nnnnoooooo....." (avoids eye-contact)

Penelope said...

hahahah- your parents are Etsy police! I show my mum stuff and I say 'I got this idea from fanci' and she says 'why are you copying her?!?' and I say ''s inspiration! Homage! Plus I'm allowed to.'

Dreaming Woods said...

Penny lately you have created such a
creative and unique jewelries!
i have those mother of pearl leaves, except in green.


Unknown said...

Brilliant! The jewelry, the thrift score and the huge rudraksha beads!

My heart feels better when I see your ethic colorful touch in the new jewelry. I love all of your style, but this one is pulling at me strongly right now.