Monday, September 13, 2010

Treasury time and a shop rebirth

I couldn't sleep last night so I made a treasury! I'm trying to get my schedule to more like a normal persons (I currently sleep from 4am to midday), but it's a hard road and I often end up laying in my bed thinking about Etsy and making things and buying things, so most nights I end up going to bed, and then getting up around 2ish and tinkering about online till 4. Which you know, is no great thing but hey- at least I'm in bed by 1am! Even if I do get up an hour later.

I've also re-opened the Little Brown Sparrow shopfront!

I feel my art and photography gets a bit of a back seat in my shop, because it's all about the jewelry. Hopefully this will not only put more focus on my art (having it's own shop) but also prompt me to spend more time on Photography and illustration, which I just can't seem to find time to get around to. Now I can make time.

So if you have any art or photography of mine that you've hearted in Sparrow Salvage, it will be moving to little brown sparrow in the next couple of days.


fanciful devices said...

wow- gorgeous treasury. which, making a treasury is such an art form- i just cant seem to do it. keeping track of all the images i like that will also go well together, placing them just so- thats a lot of work!
Your new l.b.s. banner is amazing. will that be one of the prints you offer? will you offer different sizes and all? and more stuff from your old flickr pages i love so much? even your jewelry pictures should be made into prints. is that lame? or a few of them in a grid? hm? lame? or not lame?

Thespa McLaughlin said...

Great treasury, and I LOVE the new shop front! said...

So excited about the Little Brown Sparrow being opened again!

Romeo said...

The treasury is fantastic!

Glad to see you are going to take the opportunity to showcase your art and photography - it will most certainly be well received.

And the primary reason I decided to comment.....what a relief to know that there is someone else out there who keeps "different" hours. Mine are usually 3 a.m. to midday. I've tried changing but it never sticks. And while trying to change...I end up staring at the ceiling anyway LOL

Looking forward to seeing the Little Brown Sparrow again!

"Her" and Romeo