Thursday, May 26, 2011

countdown to junktown

New items in the shop!

Asteroth - reclaimed metal and black tourmaline

Gozer - spectrolite and vintage chain

Only 2 I'm afraid- I'm slack with updating this week- I've been feeling a little unwell with back pains and a pinched nerve in my shoulder (still annoying me), and that coupled with some serious cog-whirring in the brain department (which I shall speak of later) means I haven't much in the way of finished work.
On the work bench- it's like a teaser shot for new work! (Actually that's exactly what it is.)

There are just 3 more days till the sale in my shop ends and the items affected are carted off to the big junk heap in the sky. Taken apart for new work, sold off as supply, given away to friends and blog readers (hey that's you!) ...who knows where they'll end up. I'm working on some new pieces and this primitive sci fi thing is looking to be not just the next stage of creative evolution here in sparrowland but the permanent situation, so I want the shop swept out of all that old stick. If you want something (from the sale section) and it's out of your budget- make me an offer! I can do layaway too.

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