Sunday, May 8, 2011

When Three Worlds Collide

I've been out of my mind on futurism this past week, and now things are starting to mellow, coming together in a style that's set very much in the future and still remains typically Sparrow Salvage.

Part Victorian underwear model, part futuristic apocalypse, part tribal culture, my new works focus more and more on faceted angles, sleek white finishes and hand-cast lines. I'm very much enjoying this fresh clean landscape of crystals and metallic leather, but there's still a good dash of my usual lace and hammered metal.

Our Lady of the Cosmos

I feel more 'at home' in this round of futurism than my last one. I feel this is something I've moved forward to, rather than just dancing around it for a bit.

The ghost of Jupiter

At any rate, I'm certainly more pleased and more excited about my work than I have been for some time.


Corvid Delights said...

These fashion picks are fantastic! I love the clean angular lines of the leather juxtaposed with those ruffle skirts. And those boots! Wow! Thanks for posting this. Hooray for Sparrow in Space! Your new work is mesmerizing.

Anonymous said...

Wow... I love the looks and your pieces really would look fantastic with any of those out-fits!
Have a wonderful day!

fanciful devices said...

mad max rocker chic with a bit of drawing room lace....
And that's an awesome name for it, corvid- Sparrow in Space!