Thursday, May 5, 2011

new Stuff from Space

Okay it's not really from space exactly...more like Etsy. I ordered a haul of new supplies just before I went away, so when I came back it was like christmas! This stuff is taking my mind on one big ol' rocket trip for so many ideas I think I'm about to have some sort of creative aneurysm!

let's take a tour through the galaxy...

huge pale lavender quartz barrels, so very frosty and pretty, I can see these as feature beads in necklaces, linked for chunky bracelets or pairing for some serious rockstar earrings.

Antique nailheads in a lovely black steel colour- these will be for cuffs! Hooray cuffs!

oil slick blue-black pearls for delicate earrings and encrusted brooches, flat gold snake chain with the most wonderful rippling slither. I love snake chain.

These Czech beads with the most amazing labradorite style finish, and tiny shimmery peachy moonstone Czechs.

I couldn't believe how gorgeous these ceramic cabs are! I can't capture their stunning sparkle- I don't use the word stunning very often, but trust me, these are stunning.

mmmm Labradorite! A great mix of shapes and sizes with lots of rustic ones.

Teeny tiny vintage glass cabs with clover shapes- don't know what to do with these yet, but they're so Deco sci-fi I had to have them.

Amazing old clock hands that will make kick-bottom spacey steampunk earrings.

More art deco style Science Fiction - I love how alot of Art Deco looks futuristic. Also shown here are some lovely slender clear quartz blades. good for earrings!

These exquisite handmade beads with drops of silver among their grey-white clouds...these are even more fabulous than I can capture.

Lovely rolled clay beads with great tribal undertones.

Labradorite again, with white (!!!) snake chain and mauve pearl discs

Super cool tapered ovals of quartz rock, and some great vintage earring components - you can see I have already beaten them with the oxidising stick...

All of which joins the chaos that is my work desk right now. So many things, so many ideas, so many hours under the warmth of a work lamp. So happy.


Anonymous said...

OH.... wow...such great great supplies. LOL makes you want to go away more often!

stregata said...

Piles of deliciousness - exciting possibilities... on the edge of my seat, waiting to see what you create...

fanciful devices said...

madness! wonderous!