Monday, May 2, 2011


Visiting a thrift store in the city, I came out with quite the haul for my new machine age/futurism projects!

I find this thrift store a great source of appropriate elemtents- I complain about their prices in the clothing department but their jewelry is curiously cheap by comparison.

It's odd that whenever I have a certain style I'm developing, I can always go there and their selection will be conducive to parts I need. If I were still doing my multi-coloured tribal right now for instance, I'd not have found much at all. But it's sci-fi spacetime for me again, so there was much to be had in the way of silvery streaky spacey bits.

The handbags are for stripping- the 'leather' will be used for panels in brooches, cuffs, etc. I have some ideas with them that will make them look like worked metal rather than fabric.

I would just like to note I didn't add the lens flare there- naturally obtained! Love it.


stregata said...

Looks fascinating - can't wait to see what you create with the handbags material.

Anonymous said...

Your a so creative, I love how you design your jewelry!

fanciful devices said...

yay spacetime agian!!!