Friday, April 25, 2008

Dye! Dye! Dye!

Another 'how to get random non-de-script colours' adventure...

+ Add one cap each of Dylon cold Nasturtium and Forget-Me-Not blue in a glass jar, add two tablespoons of cooking salt and dissolve in hottest tap water.

Add to bucket of cold water- only as much as I will cover the fabrics. (In this case I went half full- I'm starting to learn (the obvious fact) that the less water you put in, the more concentrated the dye and therefore the better the result.)

Let them soak for a couple of hours (I didn't stir them much, I like the dye to settle and leave blotches) and then wring them out and lay them aside overnight. Air-dry in overcast conditions (I had the addition of a warm wind) after being well rinsed-out in cold water.

(This one is a skirt- yes, I'm doing clothes!)

I've ended up with a washed-out muddy mauvey brown with subtle terracotta 'corruptions'. Some of the fabrics were re-dyes from the purple-grey-brown batch I showed you last time, but most were cream or white to begin with. I should also point out that these are all vintage fabrics; it's possible that invisible age marks and staining have helped the blotchy process. Oh, and these are all powdered dyes too- I've blended liquid dye before but it doesn't work quite the same way, you get a much smoother tonal finish- and who wants that!? ;)

Wrist cuffs are quickly becoming my most favourite thing to make- from dying the fabrics to assembling them (on the kitchen table, while the pasta over-cooks) to sewing them while watching BBC programs.

I still enjoy doing the paper collages, but I find myself avoiding the studio to work on cuffs instead. I'm also feeling ready to branch out into clothes which means going through my big box of pre-dyed vintage pretties (are their too many re-customed slips in the world? I'm I'm also having plans for belts (did these a long time ago, but I was before my time and none sold!) and bags. Scarves and socks are on the list too but I need to learn how to knit first!


Ashley L. said...

this may sound weird but i love that color! its soft and vintage looking. very pretty! :)

this is my first visit to your blog. its very nice. i'll try to stop by more!


The Feathered Nest said...

Oh my, I've been enjoying your beautiful blog and your amazingly beautiful creations!!! You are an artist after my own heart as I love using all things forgotten, broken, crumbling and cracked in my are such an inspiration to me ~ I'm so glad to have found you via Secret Leaves, xxoo, Dawn