Thursday, April 17, 2008

The dustbowl

I am so inspired by this amazing bowl I found at the thrift shop yesterday- it's so rare to come across this kind of thing in our country town thrifts. They're all run by practical older people, who take one look and think 'oh that's no good, it's all worn out!' and toss it.

The scars and scrapes and dints and heat damage is so wonderful, I can't get over it! To think such precious glory can be had for a single dollar.

I'd really like to make something from it, if I had the heart to take a hammer in hand I would love to smooth out pieces of it and turn them into pendants. But it's so beautiful as it is, so full of history as a whole object...I might just float a single candle in it, and think about all those yummy cakes and puddings that have been born from it's ironstone belly.


Sweet Repose said...

Just found your blog and will be visiting often, kindred spirit. You also have that vision of past old memories and uses for the simple things in life.
Happy life.

High Desert Diva said...

You could do a cool assemblage/bowl piece a la Christie from Serenity Now.

Great find!

thealteredpage said...

What a find! There is nothing that alters objects as perfectly as time and use.