Monday, April 28, 2008

The higher path is overgrown

framed assemblage ready for the shop

I'm expecting the internet to leave me tomorrow- the phone will be disconnected any moment I'm sure! But I'll only be here for another 4 days and then I shall be living in Warragul. Most of my things will stay here for another 2 weeks or so while I pack them up.

I've walked a fair way in trimming down my hoardings. I rid myself of 3 boxes of stuff for the thrift, as well as 1 box and two bags of fabric, a pile of books and two garbage bags of ...well, garbage! I still have a lounge room floor full of de-stash, two large tubs of vintage fabrics (one bedding, one material) to ebay and a hat box full of beads I don't want. All to go on Etsy or eBay.


I also sold another wrist cuff this morning- The Rabbit and the Sea will soon be crossing the sea! Thank you very much to the buyer. It gives such a thrill to sell something you've poured yourself into, to know that someone out there thinks as much of your art as you do.

I'm really loving making these cuffs, I'm going to list more just as soon as they are done...the next few are amazing, Havisham and Fagin in all their glory...


Carol Emma said...

Just stopping in to wish you well on your move. I've been following your posts and your progress and hope the move will be good for you.

oldflowers4me said...

take care -dear friend.

High Desert Diva said...

Best of luck over the next few days with all your pre-move sorting, packing, lifting, carrying, etc.

And congrats on another sale!