Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Hm, well- there's a lesson for me. Don't get too excited about the colours of your dye when things are still wet and unrinsed.

thanks to my over-enthusiastic washing machine and it's tendency to rinse things twice (it's got a screw loose I think) my lovely not-sure-what-coloured skirts are now a nice respectable bleached-wood grey. It's okay, they'll still come up nicely when I'm done embellishing them, but they're not the mysterious rainbow of mud they once were.

Oh well, that's what happens in experimentland!

As a plus though, all the laces and trims have come out complimentary colours, so they'll suit them perfectly.

I've added another wrist cuff to the shop...

...and will be listing another tomorrow, as well as some de-stash buttons and beads in the other shop.

The thrift turned up some great stuff today- I only had about two minutes to run through as they were closing- but I managed to score well.

+ Victorian bud vase- $4 Seems to be affected in it's factory making on the lower stem, I don't think it's a crack because it's under the glaze. It reminds me of my brother, he loves Greek Revival.

+ five packs of vintage unopened powder blue wool socks. I'll be re-conditioning these, dying them and adding scraps of vintage fabrics and this-n-that. I kept a pair for me and they're lovely! Thin like winter tights, and just over the knee. I have a larger foot too, and they still fit perfect!

+ lovely white milkglass beads- $1. Don't know how old these are, probably 20s- they've been re-strung at one point because they're uneven, so it's possible they were from a flapper necklace that snapped whilst flailing about in mid-Charleston. I like to think!

+ Cute little 70s side plate- 50c. This I bought mostly for the design; I'm getting a tattoo sometimes soon and it's going to be a kind of medieval woodcut look, with weeds and hares and deer and olde English text and that sort of thing.

+ huge white handmade lace-openwork tablecloth -$2. TWO dollars. I couldn't believe it. Here's a better shot, so you can see it's full loveliness:

It's amazing! I was going to tear it up and dye it and do all those other violating things I do, but when I saw how big and well-made it was....I don't know if I can. I have so many other lovely bits of lace I can murder...it seems a shame to wreck something so perfect.

I noticed when I came home that all my thrifting colour co-ordinated, not just with itself but with the wrist cuff I finished last night. Every time I go to the thrift I seem to come home with stuff that all matches- maybe it's just what I'm drawn to on that day or something I don't know (though I have been meaning to buy the bud vase for a week, I can't believe it was still there).

Does this mysterious colour co-ordination happen to you?


oldflowers4me said...

oh i just have to tell you something- you have a fantastic eye for collecting- i love what you brought-

High Desert Diva said...

Excellent finds!

Adla said...

Found your blog through Donna. Loving your collection!