Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A phoenix, a seed of the wild wind

Another cuff in the shop today, and a lovely pair of earrings I came very close to keeping for my own!
I've developed a habit of writing an on-the-spot poem to go with whatever I'm listing, and I took particular liking to the one written for the above cuff:

I am a child of the wild wind-
my life is carried like a seed;
over hills and mountains high,
my path determined by the breeze.

I need no map or compass,
to know which way to fly.
through cities grand and country wild;
The wind is the horse I ride by.

Though storms do sometimes throw me
-as tempests often do-
Never too long does the wild wind blow;
'Fore I'm back to a path that's true.

To be a child of the Wild Wind
people often give their all
but the true skill lies in letting go
and let the wind decide your fall.

As much as I have enjoyed being here at the museum, and as much as I am reluctant to leave it, I must say I am looking forward to my stay with Mum, wherein my time will be my own. Time to just sit, and make things, draw, paint, assemble jewellery, sew wrist cuffs... I'll be dusting off my writing folder too, and taking a serious look at a fantasy novel I've had on hold for some time. This Phoenix fire has burned low, it's time to emerge from ashes again. new chapters, and all that.

And finally, thank you so very very much to the lovely Donna who wrote such terrifically sweet things about my work on her blog today. I was inspired by what she wrote, and it's so heartening to finally have found my place in this world. I challenge anyone to dare say the internet is not a revolution in society! It really is remarkable the way like-minded souls have found each other on this World Wide Web, who knew there were people with as weird a taste in things as us? :)


Christine said...

That cuff is gorgeous!
I hope all goes well at your mum's.

djbebe said...

A very lovely cuff indeed. It's fascinating to see what you put together!

Tammy said...

Very very pretty! Love them both.

belvedere beads said...

i just stumbled into your blog, what beautiful things you make. i am heading directly to your etsy shop.