Friday, December 25, 2009

Jesus has left the manger...

...thank goodness all that Christmasness is over. I mean really- visually I love christmas, all the tinsel and pretty things, not to mention the lashings of proper foods like mince pies and fig pudding and endless plates of roasted meats, but it's such a drudge. I really don't know how parents of small children do it. All I had to do this year was engage teenage mode and follow my parents around as we visited the relatives. Pleasurable, but I couldn't help thinking to myself... 'can I get back on with life now please?'

Most likely my worn-out frustration was due to my moving house so close to Christmas and then going to the city for the weekend immediately after, then coming home to find my internet won't work, my Firefox has killed itself and the computer dutifully follows suite, dropping into a system32 coma. (for the non-technical, that's bad. Very bad.) So the last two weeks have been stunted- not being properly at home and when I am there it's with no internet, which means not being able to run the shop or do my vintage eBay game, so no money coming in either. Indeed I have felt rather like I'm on enforced non-paid holidays, and I don't want to be on holidays! On top of that I've become a bit bored with 90% of what I make and am looking to branch out a bit.

So while I sit here waiting for life to return, waiting to get an income again, waiting for the slim chance that my best mate can resurrect my computer and not cause me to freak out about how much a new one costs...I can at least have a mince pie.

Happy holidays chaps.

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