Thursday, December 17, 2009

Nest relocated

Wow, I've been away too long! The house move is successfully completed- another small load goes down on Monday afternoon and then we can get on with the precious task of having a life again!

I'm much happier already, back in the country. The air is cleaner, the walks are greener and my diet has improved dramamtically. Just being in the country makes you want to eat wholefoods and I've been getting alot more veggies.

I'll be back in a few days with a real internet connection and pretty pictures, in the meantime here's some inspirational images from a vintage shop I met today- 5gardenias. The (lovely) owner created a lovely treasury including my words of wisdom photo card.

Ruby red glass necklace

Victorian mercury ornament

Silver and gold ornaments

There really is nothing like a really well photographed vintage shop. And do we detect more than a hint of colour there? yes we do! I recently become enamoured of colour, so I'm working on some projects with deep, jewel-tone hues and a distinct 1930s-40s Spanish grotesque style. Think stained glass, Gaudi archetecture, 1930s sideshow posters and the amazing house in Nanny McPhee.

I'm also in this very elegant treasury, which I expect to see on the front page very soon!

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