Friday, December 4, 2009


A new girl has arrived at Sparrow Salvage! Maidenspirit is a very delicate piece featuring antique and very vintage materials. Although it's listed and ready to be sold, the inner perfectionist in me is wondering if I should move that pearl charm up just a little to be level with the flower on the other side. I kind of like it uneven though, it's the resistance of the perfect that I get into. My housemate would be driven from her ocd mind though!

I'm really loving making necklaces (and earrings) lately- looks like just about everything else is on hold until after I move house, as is the clothing line. I just don't have the space to lay everything out here like I need to, so the clothing line is delayed for a mid January release. There's a possibility that my clothing maybe available only on BigCartel- I've set a shop front up there a few weeks ago and I really like their navigational system.

Save your pennies!

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