Thursday, August 25, 2011

checking up on you

How is everyone coming along with their backgrounds? Good I hope! I've been hearing good things from a few people- Charlene over at The Bead Dreamer wrote to me about working on her backgrounds (and said something really interesting about readiness). Ellen (who makes delicious beads!) showed me her blog where she posted about changing her backgrounds- as you can see from her post the darker background really sets of the finish of the beads!

The picture above was pinched from Kim's blog- she's been experimenting with backgrounds and these TO-DIE-FOR earrings look so pretty in their layerings of paper, that blue board brings out the enamel on the medals perfectly.

Here's Fanci being awesome - the shabby pink (my total favourite colour right now) of this necklace is nicely contrasted by the dusty green (another total favourite colour right now).

Look at this one! (fanci again.) the white beads just POP off the screen with that rich red underneath. Boy it's starting to look a bit like me and fanci and Kim are evolving into one three-headed hydra of awesome! We influence each other so much, but I love it. We all still have our own spark. My girls. I should note though that even though this post is decorated with them, you don't have to use a layering of papers under your work. Who's using something else? Trays? Tiles? Backs of pictures?

I've learned something myself lately- by spreading the consistency through to my antique shop, I've bought my two most active shops together under the one look.

Now when people see my Fagin listings they'll recognise my background (cause I'm that famous...) and realise it's my other shop. Additionally, I used to put off updating the antique shop because it's gloomy angle was making me glum. (Is glum the past tense of gloomy or does it just look that way?) So by adding in some colour by way of background it cheers up even the Victorian mourning stuff, and suddenly things are looking very English farmhouse in the 1960s. My secret dork rule for if the shop looks right is me looking at it and thinking 'does it remind me of the Weasley's house?' and if I say yes then we're good.


La Fileuse said...

You're the best teacher ever ! I'm bewitched by Corvid's earrings. :)

fancylinda said...

Hi, I tried out a new background style today on my blog at if you want to have a look. Mine is simpler than the examples you posted, yet more complicated than I would've done before reading your post. Thanks!

Alice said...

Actually you did inspire me to step out of my comfort zone (plain white background) and add some depth. Unfortunately a search around the house didn't yield much to work with. I'll need to visit some flea market or antique shops to find some background like you show here. Thanks so much for all the inspiration!

fanciful devices said...

OMG. *TWO* of my pictures? squeeeee!

Corvid Delights said...

Aww shucks... kicking tires over here blushing. Your work is the standard that I try to hold myself to and emulate, we are so fortunate that you share your knowledge, and keen eye and perspective with us. Each listing you post is so evocative... full of richness, substance, and depth. The photo of Weasley's sitting room or parlor is quintessential Sparrow. xoxox!