Saturday, August 27, 2011


Some potterings to report...

Two new cuffs in the shop, they were rescued from the 'don't like it' pile and once they'd had their bleakness removed there wasn't much more to do.


I like the minimal 'just lace' look they have, nothing I placed over the top seemed to suit them, so they go out (almost) naked.

And a pair of earrings which I quite like the colour of! Love that 50s teal with the dusty pink. Reminds me of picnics as a kid- I think because of the anodised cups we had.

I've 'done' another load of laces I found that were all unattractive colours- one swift bucket of dye remover later and they're filled with sherbet sweetness.

Some of this will go into packs! Hooray!

Also a parcel came in the mail with the sweetest beads, ordered from vixenandvelocity - who turned out to be an alter-ego of shipwreckdandy! (There's me neglecting to read a shop announcement.) She very generously sent me some of her polymer clay beads as well:

Aren't they the darnedest!? I love that you can see fingerprints in them, but I especially love those faceted ones, they remind me of ruined futuristic cities.

Inspires me to get a move on and make my own polymer beads (being that I unearthed a tub of clay I forgot I had on the last studio purge). But of course for any serious crafting to take place the desk must be cleaned off, for it is covered in fabric for kits. Creativity happens one step at a time here.


Corvid Delights said...

My eyes are feasting on all the pretties, makes me want to go out and get some mint chocolate chip ice cream in a sweet retro dress. Beautiful!

Anonymous said...

It's amazing to accidentally discover this magical place on the web. I greet the Polish

richelle said...

I can't wait to see what you do with the poly clay!