Saturday, August 13, 2011

Pretty little soldiers

Glacius - tribal style earrings unashamedly inspired by too much time playing Harry Potter when I should be working. (playing as in PC game, not...out in the forest with a costume. Though I could tell you some stories...)

vanity and pride a happy return to my scruffy lacey bits in this salvage doily shred brooch

Dragons blood - goddess hoop earrings - these were so popular when I made them and this pair were left over from an uncollected custom order. I have some pink bangles that I'd like to make into earrings like these.

invisible unicorns- a sweet necklace with vintage lace pendant- more pink and white!

bower - a salvage textile wrist cuff with a sweet little heart locket feature

Chartism with a union jack pendant done with antique papers- I made this while processing the London riots in my mind. Actually I processed them all week, but while making this I was especially thoughtful.

Backgrounds post tomorrow! true story!!


Emily Gibbs said...

Wow! Freaking love the tribal earrings!!! Really like the other earrings too and the British necklace!!

fanciful devices said...

so many pretties! i like the less-minimal thing. the union jack is amazing.

Corvid Delights said...

I want to hear stories of you out in the forest in costume! Everything here is so beautiful, I am enamoured with your invisible unicorns and union jack.