Monday, August 29, 2011

Scrap Happy

Well- I was going to inform everyone that I had a few more textile kits up in the shop...

...but they're already all spoken for- and three custom ones on order! There were some very crafty tigers all ready to pounce.

I shall have some more up by next Sunday, but I must say it makes my heart glad to sell these kits.

I think when all is said and done I'd rather sell a kit than a finished piece of jewelry.

There's an enormous sense of pride in offering materials to people, it's lovely to think my creative efforts are furthering other people's. I have more to say about this but I shall do so next time when I have some interesting photos to show you full of related things.

In the meantime you can amuse yourself with these images of gorgeous things making their way to the antique shop soon (this week cross fingers!)

I'm also working on a post about relevancy- that mysterious beast that has many people pulling their hair out over at the big orange rectangle. If you're unaware, Etsy has recently changed their search engine so results come up by relevancy instead of 'most recent'.

What's that? You didn't get an email about this? Welcome to Etsy- no one did. You can read the announcement here. For the record I think this is a smashing move, but Etsy are not doing themselves any favours hiding under the table while the forum descends into a near warzone between the 'for its' and 'aggin its'. (Props to HeyMichelle who seems to have braved the fray this morning.)

Isn't this the sweetest card? Oh for the days when you could only send via post, and it would actually get there on time. There's currently a 10 day delay on parcels coming in from the US and I'm running out of patience for my new supplies to arrive! I have plans, Australia Post.


Sidereal Day said...

Mmmmmm, drooling over the scrumptious piles of fabric bits, especially the chocolate and ruby ones. No wonder they got snatched right up.

I only noticed the change in relevancy vs recent a week ago. It took a little time to go in and re-vamp my titles tags n such but now I'm actually getting more views and sales...wheeee.

fanciful devices said...

i love the ivory/moss beads that from far look like they have frit and molten bits, but then from close up look like someone took a knife to them.
oh and those leeetle shanks!
hey. so with relevancy, does renewing stuff help in any way toward sales? or is that now a thing of the past?

Susana Tavares said...

Love your style, fabrics, beads... :)