Sunday, October 17, 2010

New darlings in the shop

I've just realised there are so many lovely new things in the shop that I haven't shown you! 5 of them are freshly listed, so I haven't been too remiss. :)

I received news that my prints have been shipped and are on their way to me, so I should have them available to offer in the shop by the weekend! I'm very excited, but I want them to come first and inspect the quality before I list. I want all my work in stock and available at the time of listing.

The stores - St.Fagan's folk museum, Wales

I had to go overseas (not literally, un/fortunately) to get the mailers I wanted, because in the UK they have board-back mailers just for sending artwork in. Perfect! And even with international shipping, they were still cheaper than a mailer with an inner board protector. very pleased.


Lisa said...

stunning and gorgeous offerings! I especially adore regency garden with the circle and textiles..perfection!

fanciful devices said...


Dorthe said...

They are fantastic- but the most wonderfull is Regency garden,-I love the fabric you used with the metal...