Wednesday, October 6, 2010

No carnival in Paris

No carnival in Paris

I made a treasury last night after spending some time trawling through the photography section on Etsy, looking to see what was popular, where the gaps in the market were etc.

Turns out what is the most popular is stuff that- while very pretty- isn't my personal style. All the teal-and-pink, TTV style square format images of carnivals, Eiffel towers and faded flowers gets a bit dull after a time, and I'm left wondering who did it first.

I've been also thinking about making card with quotes on them, as - like every artist- I feel most of my images are too boring to hold up by themselves. it also grabs that part of the market that loves simplicity, Lewis Carroll, and of course my good friend Mr.Dickens.

St.Fagan's folk museum, Wales.

the Georgian House, Bristol.

In a few weeks I'll be expanding the little Brown Sparrow shop- at the moment it's barely covering ground with old series photo cards and some paper collages, because something is better than nothing. I'm working on getting some new art up there, and ordering prints, cards and postcards from various place to determine who's going to give me the best quality for the best price.

Shots like this collection of my grandmothers things could work as part of a craft themed set of cards, though some of them are old images and therefore too small to do much with, but re-shooting is always possible.

Fanci tells me some of my photos of supplies are worthy of hanging on the wall:

I like the idea of laying out objects in a pleasing arrangement, since I have so very many tiny and interesting things. These images below are just shots I've taken at some point to show what I'm working with, but I have jars and boxes of tiny things from my assemblage art days.

I'm working on some more images like this today, but what do you chaps think? Quotes or no quotes? Shots of tiny things are good? Any of my images you'd like to hang on the wall?


Anonymous said...

I love the composite of tiny things - the collections are very cohesive. I don't normally hang stuff like that on my wall, but I scoop up tons of postcards, or I could see it working as a calendar page.

Romeo said...

I too love the compositions with the tiny things. One favorite are the last image with the darker colors, metals and bead. My other favorite surprised even myself...while I am not a "pink" person, I am loving the one with the pink dyed lace fragments, crystal and beads - LOVE LOVE LOVE this one and would hang it on my wall without hesitation!

As far as the quotes - I love the addition of those on the more simplistic photos like the examples you gave. Of course I love the quotes from Alice. Even so, I think you are heading in a good direction!

fanciful devices said...

yes! the dark things, that's the thing you do that's most original and beautiful. oh i love this one:
ok, ok, i'll stop. but im serious about these..
i hadnt seen the 2 first pictures, they're amazing. though most quotes-on-pix i've seen are cheesy, these you picked are awesome, they work beautifully.

Cindy said...

I love pictures of small collections and it sure saves on dusting and shelf space!

Jeannine said...

I love your photography and think you have a great eye. I look forward to seeing what new work shoes up in your Etsy shop!

Sally said...

I very much like the images of small items; gives the eye so much to go over and study. My personal preference is to not include quotes on photos because an image may mean one thing to one person and something completely different to another. By adding a quote, the message is already decided. Just my opinion. I think your work is very intriguing and clever and will be a big hit.

FoundVintageStyle said...

love this idea- your photos are so textured and rich. they would make intriguing cards. I also feel the mystery of the images would be somewhat compromised by laying a quote on them. to me it's like trying to fit them in a 'box' of some kind!
let them speak for themselves is my vote...

Dorthe said...

You make the most wonderfull little collections,---love them,
--alwayes find myseld doing something like that ,too.
So all over my house ,there is small enclaves,- of this-and that.
Your black crystal hanger is gorgeus, what is that? and is it for sale?
Hugs, Dorthe

Little Brown Sparrow said...

Alright, seems the vote is in to leave the quotes out! Perhaps I'll offer both and see which one sells better.

Dorthe- I think I sold it a long time ago in the supply shop. If I find it I'll let you know!

herhimnbryn said...

Oh, shivers! I too went to St Fagans and took a picture of that same chair, for the same reason...simplicity.