Sunday, October 10, 2010

Stubbing toes on stepping stones

Three treasuries made in the last few days...

I'm fixated on pale colours and sweet romantic items. I usually have about 4-5 treasuries on the go, all marked private till I get that perfect set- then I transfer it to a new treasury, so that the time it's created is fresh that moment. Sometimes they slot into place like soldiers, sometimes they take forever- Astercote took 2 hours alone just for the last line!

I've also been making lots of jewelry, some of the updates are shown here. I've more to update when I'm done blogging!

The farmhouse is a bust. Despite being the only ones who applied for it in the month since it became available, and despite having perfect application success, the landlord has still said no. And we waited 2 weeks for him to come to that decision. I'm disappointed, but life goes on. I must admit the difficulty we had in getting him to consider us at all put a seed of dampness in my mind- if he were this hard to get an answer from, what kind of landlord would he be? Would it be necessary to take him to court for simple repairs? Would he ever let us paint, polish the floorboards, restore the wood stove? All these answers are lost, but not to sour grapes. What will be will be. And I get to stay in the country, which is always a bonus.

I'll try and blog again today, I've been working on some photo print ideas I'd like to run by you- also because you're my dear readership and you ought to get first look-see on these things!


fanciful devices said...

So sorry for your disappointment- but dude sounded like trouble. where do you take these pictures? do you have a floor made of this lovely dark wood?

Little Brown Sparrow said...

I wish! It's a drawer from an antique chest- the junk shop only had the drawers mysteriously, and I got them for $10 each. You can see the handles of it in earring listings- I hang them off it in front of the prayer flags.