Monday, October 25, 2010

Yay! (post titles don't have to be clever)

Good news! I have a new house!

It was the news I couldn't tell you until today, as we were waiting for the agent to contact us. Sure enough she did. For those who believe there are no co-incidences, we received the phone call at 1:30pm today. On this day 15 years ago my grandmother passed away. At 1:30pm.

Nana has always been in charge of my housing prayers. She's come through every time I've asked her to, whether or not she's known what trouble/challenges I would have in that house who knows! Every path in life is an adventure that we learn from. Hardship is the sh!t that fertilises the lotus.

I was disappointed when we didn't get sage farm, but I believe that things happen for a reason, and this is perfect example. My friends who should've rented sage farm with me were just the other day accepted for a property themselves- a grade II listed artist's house in the green hills just 5 minutes drive from where they live now. It's a house we've long admired, and they not only have permission to rent, but are in talks to buy it.

So now I have a house move and a shop move in my life. I feel the old dead layers peeling away, a new dawn has come. And the sun came out just as I wrote that.



fanciful devices said...

wow. this is amazing and wonderful. are you gonna have your own studio? it vastly increased my productivity. the light in there looks lovely. that ceiling! dont you wanna tear it down to have as backgrounds for your items??
im so so so happy for you!!!!!!

Dorthe said...

How wonderfull for you, CONGRATULATIONS- dear, it looks so beautifull , full of light, and a wonderfull kitchen-not to speak about the ceiling- wow---
I wish you a very happy mooving- and I love you still "connects" with your grandma--how fantastic.

Amy said...

Congratulations! As somebody in the looking for a house game myself, I know getting a place you love is a BIG DEAL. Super stoked for you.

Sea Witch said...

Grandma was watching this house for you. How wonderful. I always love moving into new digs. Sea Witch

Ozma of Odds said...

...ebb and flow...
Admiring the kitchen island and adore the rose covered ceiling!!
Soooo exciting when a new adventure begins! Looking forward to seeing these changes reflected in your work...
xo, Rosemary

Sandy said...

Congrats!! It looks wonderful and has so many wonderful features/details! Gorgeous! Good luck with it. :)