Saturday, October 30, 2010

returning bird

I forgot to mention the other day- I was in such a hurry!- but I'm having a clearance sale over at the Etsy shop. Anything that's still there in 2 weeks will be removed and dealt with! And I don't mean given a new home. I mean a date with the pliers, the dye bucket, the of torture transformation. :)


Leona Preston said...

Hi Penny,

Long time no write! I hope all is well with you! :)

I just wanted to quickly say, that no matter where you go, I'll still follow! Good luck with the transition from Etsy to BC, I'll keep my eye on your new shop now!

All the best,
~ Leona

Hilary said...

Oh, thanks for the heads-up, I hearted one of your cuffs a long time ago and promptly forgot about it. I realized that I couldn't bear to think of it being I bought it. :)

Pretty Things said...

(Love that photo!)