Thursday, November 11, 2010

cotton candy

Three sweet treats in the shop today...

Space Princess - soft hand-dyed antique lace and glass nailheads in a pretty pale grey

Vintage Spring - cute little glass beads in pastel gelati colours

Glories of Spring - a sweet cluster of vintage things, one of my attempts to go minimal. I don't often wear big bulky jewelry, lately I've been making simpler things that I would wear. I don't of course- you get all new revamped vintage here!- but most of my big exciting pieces are too big for my sensibilities, and I thought it was strange that I don't wear the sort of thing I make.

And there's a really big one coming tomorrow.


vintagesusie & wings said...

Your jewelry is glorious!! I really just love ALL of it! Yummy eye candy, thanks!

Corvid Delights said...

Beautiful! I love all the grey work lately.

fanciful devices said...

someone has been a busy bee.
glorious! i love all the smokey pale gorgeousness.
really breathtaking. gonna go ogle more shots of these at yr shop. said...


I can relate, I do not wear jewelry much and when I do it is one simple piece that means something and I can't feel it on. But creating with one's hands is entirely different, isn't it?

I love how you sew beads into bits of fabric and lace.