Saturday, November 6, 2010

inspiration - ancient beads

Excuse the silence over here, my life is currently composed of three things- packing house, moving house and cleaning house.

While I am occupied thus, why don't we have some pretty pictures- I've not done an inspiration thread for quite some time. (And I'm too tired for a 'real' post.)

Strand of ancient Amazonite excavated in Nigeria, circa 1000 AD.


Ancient Roman earrings.

So ya you can see I'm still on the ancient bead kick. Hopefully if I squeeze some time in somewhere I can do some experimenting with polymer and wood and what-have-you. I love showing you photos of experimenting. And I have things to list in the sleepy....

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Jeannine said...

All of it, great inspiration. I love seeing the photos of the "raw" supplies contrasted by a finished pair of earrings. These photos are a lovely way to wrap up my evening!