Monday, November 15, 2010

The mind wanders while the hands are bound

As we wind down the moving house saga (4 days to go!) I am starting to feel the withdrawal of not being able to cross the room, sit down and make something. As small as it was, my space was there, and now it's not, and I feel marooned between two islands.

In the meantime I've been listing my photographic prints on Etsy to keep things afloat (trying hard not to get caught up in the expensive paranoia of constant renewal) and dreaming of what I'll be able to do in a week or two. Flickr feeds my frenzied mind:

1. Maya - copper earrings, 2. pox, 3. very old, 4. IMG_8597, 5. RAD #140 6/15/10 Manly Ring, 6. Keiko's works -- mino shino, 7. Anillo Metal Naïf Drusa, 8. Ethnic to Ethnic Mixed Media Necklace, 9. old chest

Carving, soldering, casting, drilling, hammering, inlay, enamel, painting...such a mess I can make, such a wonderful discovering experimental mess.

These earrings are go go up soon- the centre beads were a commission from DivineConsciousness - who did a fantastic job. I love to commission pieces, but not being able to make things myself means I miss out on the process of accidental discovery, and all creative people from painters to scientists know how important a factor that is!

These wood blocks are driving me crazy- I can't afford to spend any money right now, but just think how they could be used- not just in mark making, but in actually cutting them up for focal pieces.

Arg! The frustration. 4 days to go.


fanciful devices said...

hey! there's me!

Jen Crossley said...

Yummy wood blocks thats for sure

Pretty Things said...

Beautiful things here!!!

Septembre said...

i'm a fan...lovely

Vickie said...

you are very exemplery for all you have going on and efforts! hope you have your work space up and running soon they way you like it. moving is a major time hijacker! that includes physical and virtual. it is thanksgiving time here in the states, we are all very blessed humans in so many ways!