Wednesday, November 24, 2010

uphill battles

My nerves are about shot right now! It used to be libraries were quiet places, but with the overly loud cell phone conversation opposite, the noisy gum chewer next to me and the kids fighting over the playstation unit, things aren't exactly silent as the grave. Which makes it hard to concentrate on things!

I still don't have online access at home due to the phone company and their endlessly charming ways, so it's making running a business almost impossible as I fight to pack in as much as I can on my library internet hours, and I'm surrpised to find there's not much you can do in an hour!

I'll be back online as soon as I can- I've just discovered I can upload images from my portable drive on these library computers so I might be able to list a few new things in the next couple of days- in those spare moments bewteen doing everything else I've managed to unpack enough studio to get some work done. Things are stlill very much in boxes as we battle each day and each new problem- blocked bathroom pipes, broken AC units, completely defunct television reception, still-connected utilities from the last people...

These are times to test us. And baby I'm being tested! I did plant up the veggie garden yesterday though, so that's something.


Cindy said...

Well thank the gods you're alive - I was beginning to wonder!

fanciful devices said...

oh i so feel you. my computer's busted, im writing from my folks' computer. its not as bad as the library, but i feel ya'. these are prime selling hours and i havent listed anything... oh well... at least im not dealing w/a move, jeez that's no fun. sending love and energy and patience your way.