Sunday, May 9, 2010


Astronomy has always played a crucial role in most major civilisations myth and history, and none more so that the Star tribe of the temple mountains. Peaceful and intelligent, the star tribe live their life according to the movement of the heavens- their creation myth tells of an impossibly complex conjunction of 3 suns, a moon, a meteor and 7 stars.

The scholarly tribe devote most of their life to consulting the skies- it is of the highest fashion amongst the ruling classes of the area to have a star priest employed in their services to guide their daily actions. The only notable figure not to have used one was the infamous Queen Sellis; perhaps she might have regretted not employing a star priest when she was attacked by werewolves in Burrowdeep forest.

A few very sharp-eyed sprites among you (and you would have to be very sharp-eyed!) might recognise the base of this cuff as a cuff called Eccentricity I recently had in my shop.

I had a custom request to replicate it on a smaller scale, but not having another buckle I was at a loss on how to do so. Then it hit upon me- why not remove the buckle from this one, dye the cuff and re-embellish it as a new piece? What better way to get rid of old stock than change it into new stock? It's worked for my soul, after all.

I dyed it by hand using a paint brush and some custom-mixed dyes, and after a few trial runs on some spare fabric, went for it. I am so overjoyed with the way it turned out, that I already have my eye on more old-stock victims in the shop!

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