Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Shop Update

Ankh- salvage black metal earrings with vintage ankh charms

The people of Ankh are a race of powerful magicians who live in the Sarrsong deserts of southern Lemparthia. Every Ankhian is said to be born with what their spiritual texts refer to as 'veeta' or magical ability, and this is developed through their maturity. The more adept enter the temples to develop themselves further, until they become priests of great power both creative and destructive.

Interestingly, the Ancient Egyptians of our world have a symbol called the Ankh, which scholars of our time have interpreted as being the symbol for life. The high priests of ankh adopt a pose of arms outstretched when casting spells, and this combined with the flared sleeves and large hood of their religious robes echoes almost perfectly the shape of the Egyptian Ankh- promoting theories among the more liberal of our scholars that the ankh were a visiting influence on the Ancient Egyptians.

The strongest supporter of this theory is Dr. Valentine Lovelock, who reportedly has found texts speaking of the Ankhians supposed ability to step through dimensions in space.

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